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Welcome to Photonics4life                                               

Photonics4Life is a research team held in the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (Spain). The group was founded in 1999 with the name "Microóptica y Optica GRIN" and it has recently changed his name to "Photonics4Life" due to incorporation of 4 IPs. Actually the group is directed by PhD. Maria Teresa Flores Arias. 


In 2000 the group started a laboratory based on laser technology leading to new reasearch lines like fabrication of GRIN elements and waveguides in different materials, fabrication of diffractive gratings, high optical quality microlenses or microchannels with the capability to simulate blood flown for oncological and cardiological studies. Moreover, the group has experts in the study of visual sistems, active and adaptative optics in astronomy, control and characterization of the quality of oftalmic optical elements ans optical pollution.


In this website you will find everything related with the Photonics4Life group.



Latest publications                                                          

Light pollution in shallow coastal waters: aquaculture farming in the Galician Atlantic shoreline

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