24/06/2019 - Participation in the webserie "A Universidade Responde"


The group Photonics4life has colaborate in the third season of the USC webserie "A Universidade Responde", a short-videos set with educational purpose in where dailies physical phenomena are explained.


In this chapter Proffesor María Teresa Flores-Arias explain the use of polarization lens applied to 3D cinema. These videos will also be broadcast on the spanish national TV in the show "La aventura del saber".

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03/12/2019 - Colaboration with the scientific podcast "Efervescencia"


Proffesor María Teresa Flores-Arias has colaborated with the scientific podcast "Efervescencia" in the episode "Descripción de Pinzas ópticas, láseres e nobel de física 18 con Maite Flores" explaining the details of the 2018 Nobel Prize involving optical clamps and ultrashorts and ultraintense laser pulses.


The full audio can be listened in this link.