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Teaching Innovation Groups

This initiative borns at the University of Santiago de Compostela that, together with the research groups like ours, are aware of the importance of developing new and innovative methodologies of training and teaching to improve the quality of teaching.

Photonics4life group is participating in this initiative through the creation of our own teaching innovation group: Bioluz, born to promote optics and laser technologies and their applications.

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Activities promoted by PhD students

USC-OSA is a group of students in different studying stages (Bachelor's, Master's, or Ph.D.) who, together with USC researchers, are dedicated to disseminate photonics and physics.

This activity is supported by the European Physical Society (EPS) and the American Optical Society (OSA).

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Social networks de USC-OSA:


An engineer or scientist in each school

It is an activity developed in collaboration between the City Council of Santiago de Compostela and the USC, in matters of gender equality.

The purpose is the visibility of engineers and scientists as references in the disciplines known as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) with the realization of workshops aimed at students of 5º and 6º of primary schools of the City of Santiago.

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A Ponte co ensino medio-Universidade de Santiago

This program aims to provide students of secondary schools in Galicia with information on the degrees and services of the University of Santiago de Compostela, serving as a "bridge" between these two educational levels.

Campus Terra has a program coordinator and a group of collaborating professors from the different faculties and schools of the Campus

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Another dissemination activities

  • Playing with light
  • International day Women and girls in science
  • Web serie
  • Nobel Prize 2018
04/20/2021 - Workshop: Playing with light

Maite Flores Arias and Justo Arines Piferrer, presented at the IES A Pinguela de Monforte an activity they called 'Playing with light' consisting of 2 practical workshops in which the students of the 1st Science high school grade participated within the program "A ponte co ensino medio e a USC. "

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11/02/2021 - International Day of Women and Girls in Science: four Galician scientists

Maite Flores.-Arias spoke on TVGalicia about the importance of equality in science.

24/06/2019 - Participation in the webserie "A Universidade Responde"

The group Photonics4life has collaborated in the third season of the USC web series "A Universidade Responde", a short-videos set with an educational purpose in where dailies physical phenomena are explained.

In this video Professor María Teresa Flores-Arias explain the use of polarization lens applied to 3D cinema. These videos will also be broadcast on the Spanish national TV in the show "La aventura del saber".

3/12/2019 - Colaboration with the scientific podcast "Efervescencia"

Professor María Teresa Flores-Arias has colaborated with the scientific podcast "Efervescencia" in the episode "Descripción de Pinzas ópticas, láseres e nobel de física 18 con Maite Flores" explaining the details of the 2018 Nobel Prize involving Optical tweezers and ultrashorts and ultraintense laser pulses.

Listen the entire audio!

Optical tweezers. Nobel prize 2018 | Maite Flores-Arias