Spreading Knowledge

11/02/2021 - International Day of Women and Girls in Science: four Galician scientists

Maite Flores.-Arias spoke on TVGalicia about the importance of equality in science.

24/06/2019 - Participation in the webserie "A Universidade Responde"

The group Photonics4life has collaborated in the third season of the USC web series "A Universidade Responde", a short-videos set with an educational purpose in where dailies physical phenomena are explained.


In this video Professor María Teresa Flores-Arias explain the use of polarization lens applied to 3D cinema. These videos will also be broadcast on the Spanish national TV in the show "La aventura del saber".

3/12/2019 - Colaboration with the scientific podcast "Efervescencia"

Professor María Teresa Flores-Arias has colaborated with the scientific podcast "Efervescencia" in the episode "Descripción de Pinzas ópticas, láseres e nobel de física 18 con Maite Flores" explaining the details of the 2018 Nobel Prize involving Optical tweezers and ultrashorts and ultraintense laser pulses.

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