Suitability of blue filter ophthalmic lenses with respect to the use with mobile devices and computers

J. Arines, O. Rodríguez

Blue light comprises the electromagnetic spectrum between approximately 380-500 nm. The sun is the main source of blue light, although we also receive emissions of this type of light by electronic devices and artificial lighting. Changes in lighting systems and lifestyle habits have led to the questioning of exposure to blue light emitted by artificial sources as a possible health problem. Faced with this potential problem, ophthalmic lens laboratories brought to market lenses with specific treatment against hazard blue light emitted by electronic devices. In this work we measure the spectral transmittance of 6 blue filter ophthalmic lenses from 4 different laboratories, Essilor, Hoya, Shamir and Kodak. We face the transmission spectra measured with the emission spectra of 3 different electronic devices, to be able to discuss the suitability of these blue filter lenses for use with electronic devices. We conclude that the transmittance of blue filters in the maximum blue light emission range is high above 90%, and that changing the correlated color temperature of electronic devices results in a greater reduction in exposure to hazard blue light. We also found that Shamir's Blue Zero and Essilor's Eye Protect System lenses block UVA light and have low transmittance in the range of 380-420 nm, so they would be more effective for protection against blue light outdoors than for use with electronic devices.


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